Marius Tunduc, President of the National Federation of Pigeon Breeders in Romania: “people must learn to promote themselves”

Marius Tunduc is President of the National Federation of Pigeon Breeders of Romania (FNCPR) since 2014, previously serving as Chairman of the Sports Commission. Meantime, Marius Tunduc also holds the position of Vice-President of the FCI – Federation Colombophile Internationale.

Interview with Cosmin Furnică – the Romanian pigeon fancier with remarkable results in 2019

Cosmin Furnică is passionate about pigeons and has outstanding results among pigeon fanciers. He owns a farm of about 250 pigeons, of which about 50 pairs are marathon pigeons, 20 pairs are “one loft” pigeons, and the rest are flyers. His farm is located in Șotânga commune, Dâmbovița county and is part of the Vulcana Pandele pigeon club.

The beginner’s guide to pigeons fancing: where to buy your first marathon pigeon, how much does it cost and what to pay attention to

Pigeon fancing is a passion, by definition, and at the same time it is the science of breeding pigeons. There are two types of pigeon growers: those who inherited, from the family, the science of pigeon breeding, and because they attracted by this science, learned and deal with pigeons, and the second category are those who discovered pigeons in their environment, socially or from different backgrounds, began to study and then to invest in pigeons.